Mar 2, 2006

I moved to another blog

Seriously, the other blog was really really hard to handle. You had to go through literally 4 pages just to post. So I found this place and so far it looks alot easier to handle. I like some of the templetes that come with it as well. So anyways, i'll try to get the word out to all the family that I've moved to this blog. Hope everyone likes this one as much as the other. I already do because it's so easy to post on. Let me know if anybody has any problems or links that dont work. Thanks, Kristy

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aprildcoy said...

Hey Kristy. I viewed your new blog a few days ago. I think I found the address on myspace. I was just sending my mom an email about how she should download google talk, hello, and picasa. While I was on the google options page, I decided to check out blogger. When I signed up for an account, I noticed the black template looked familiar. My first post on the blog is very similar to yours. I was trying to work with wordpress, through our coyforce website, and it was way too advanced for me. This one is so easy to use and I think I'll be using it often. Talk to ya later, April.

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